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We know it can be hard trying to find the right financial professional to work with. It’s our experience that no two people have the same circumstances or goals. We design each strategy, tailor made, for your financial situation.


Today Americans are saving more money in tax qualified plans such as 401k’s and IRA’s. Unfortunately few financial planners discuss the tax “time bomb” building inside these traditional retirement accounts. Everyone wants to pay off their home to the bank, but with growing retirement plans in IRAs and 401ks, they don’t think about paying off their retirement plan to the government.


While tax deferment works for some, we believe there are better ways to save. When the retirement years come into your sights, tick- tock, tick- tock... the tax “time bomb” will be getting ready to blow.

Would you rather pay taxes on the seeds or the harvest? Creating a tax free retirement is possible, and we are here to help.

Would you invest an hour for your future? If you give us an hour of your time, we can show you how we can help.


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