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Market Linked CDs

Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit (MLCDs) allow you to benefit from the potential gains of the commodity, currency and stock markets with the safety and security of traditional CDs.  MLCDs may be the solution for you.



MLCDs offer two layers of security. First, you are guaranteed to receive 100% of your original deposit at maturity, if you hold for the full-term. Your principal is also protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), generally up to $250,000 per account.


MLCDs pay a variable rate of interest based on the performance of an underlying asset, instead of the low fixed-rate of interest offered currently on traditional CDs.

Market-Linked CD returns can be linked to the performance of a variety of underlying assets; including commodities, currencies, interest rates and stocks.


We work with a select group of global banks, who issue and guarantee the MLCDs based on their financial strength, including Bank of America and Barclays Bank.


Long-term buy and hold investors willing to forego the fixed rate return of traditional CDs in exchange for potentially higher returns without risking their principal:


  • While MLCDs are designed to deliver greater returns than CDs, any gains may be less than traditional CDs as well as less than the increase in the underlying asset.
  • In taxable accounts, interest is declared annually and taxed as ordinary income based on an estimated yield for the MLCD, reducing tax consequences at maturity.


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