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Top 5 business writing tips

  1. Know your audience –

To be effective in business writing, you need to know who the audience is. Depending on who you are trying to address, the tone and style should be taken into consideration. A business marketing to prospective clients may use a more friendly and fun direction with their business writing. For existing clients, information may be needed regarding updates of service. The tone used would be of a more informative nature.


  1. Use words that are easily understood-

Do not over complicate things. You can write an effective message without making the message too wordy. Using a phrase like “a very marginal amount” could be shorten to “small.”


  1. Don’t forget key information-

Review the message you have written and make sure all information is included. Does there need to be an important date added? Have you addressed the matter that was intended? Asking these simple questions can help make sure all the information your business is looking to address is included and your core message is conveyed.


  1. Keep it professional-

Tone, is important as mentioned above, which included keeping the message professional. The ton of a business response can not reflect the attitude of the writer. Even when a response is to a negative message, the writer needs to keep a professional tone when sending a business message


  1. Always proof read-

Simple mistakes can be overlooked in a quick proof read. If you would like to make sure your business messages are effective and your message is delivered as intended, you must always proof read.

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