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Market Loss Complacency

January Down LossesWe have never seen a year start in the market so lopsided. We have seen tremendous downward swings day in and day out. Now I need to be clear that I am not a market forecaster, or have the licenses to place my clients in the market. I am able to, however, watch as so many of my clients take huge losses while sitting with complacency. So this has got me to thinking… Why are Americans so complacent with market losses? I took a look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) comparing December 23, 2015 [17602.61] to January 20, 2016 [15766.74], one months’ time, which showed a loss of 10.4%, IN JUST ONE MONTH! To give you more of a perspective for the entire year of 2015 Dow lost 2.3%. Please take a second to think about that. This is your money invested, taking losses, for what reason. Most investors in the market do not pay the added expense of an active broker, making trades, and moving your money into a safe position when the Bears start taking hold. If these were my clients seeing losses of 10% or more I would be getting blasted with emails and text demanding answers, yet when my clients see this they just say things like “that’s the way the market is.” This is your hard earned money, disappearing due to a lack of knowledge and information regarding your accounts in the market. These are better and safer places to put your money. The two biggest contributors of people losing their wealth is through taxes and investment losses. Don’t be sitting on the sidelines watching your account slide downward. Take actions! Most of our investments involve NO Market Risk and some have principal protection. Give us a call to see what we can do to help you get back on track with your retirement plan.


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