Welcome to Professional Financial Group

We are your local financial services company which helps you understand your investments while offering products that have safety and great returns. 

This is truly the gold standard of investments. If interested you will be given the ability to register for a webinar event with the Chairman of this 22 year old company by clicking this link.

Time magazine announced after the 2008 financial crisis, it is time to dump your 401(k). This is something we, at Pro Financial Group, agree with. One argument has been raised that when a company is matching, why not take their money? Free money can lose value also. The risk of being in the market in a down economy can cause the contrubutions you have made and the "free" money the company has matched to drop. Do not repeat the mistakes that have been made in previous years. 

Community Involvement

7/13/12   We were a sponsor for the 11th annual Rotary Golf Tournament. With beautiful weather and a record setting turnout, the event was a blast.